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Bluetooth proximity marketing
Bluetooth marketing software

       Advertise in today's world has changed a lot. Traditional advertising such as print posters leaflets and ... Is not responsive to the business world today. MMG SOFT company under review and analyze market requirements; Bluetooth advertising management software is designed and produced. Bluetooth Marketing System has been formed a Bluetooth Advertising software and a Bluetooth hardware. Bluetooth Intelligent Systems by Bluetooth advertising management software is controlled with appropriate facilities for the software designed, users can easily make a file any type of promotional photos, movies, music, and automatically send for all people around the hardware they are submitted.

Bluetooth proximity marketing
How do Bluetooth marketing software work?

      That's how it works, at first you browse your photo, or film or any other advertising file that you have ready to send. Then click the start button, and this software search automatically any other Bluetooth hardware which are around the system, at the end send advertising file to these founded Bluetooth hardwires. This sending cycle repeated automatically until you posh the stop button.

نرم افزار ارسال بلوتوث تبلیغاتی


Bluetooth proximity marketing
How do Bluetooth marketing software work?
        This software sends any file to the Bluetooth device. Below, given list of file name that software support.     


Picture files
PNG , BMP , JPG , BMP,....
Sound Files Audio, WAV, MP3, MP4, RMF, Ring tones,....
Media Files Video – MP3, MP4, 3GP, MPEG, WMV, AVI,...
Text Files Html ,VCard , VCal , VTask VNote,
Aplication Java,Jar,Jad,....






Bluetooth proximity marketing
Advantages of Intelligent Bluetooth system for advertising than traditional advertising


Free distribution of promotional brochures
Clean than other advertising methods
send voice and image with advertizing
This type of advertising attractive for customer
This method of advertising is high productivity


Bluetooth proximity marketing
Where is used Bluetooth Marketing?

      Anyone can build this system to set up his own use. The system can be for marketing products and services, information collection and reporting staff, cultural and educational message to the people who send price list of products and services, health messages and many other applications. In the following list of places where propaganda is used Bluetooth software is given.

      Universities, mosques, schools, high schools, airports, metro stations, railway stations, clothing stores, boutiques, restaurants, pizzeria, factory, advertising companies, banks, supermarkets, loan, specialty shopping, doctor's offices, municipalities, departments, organizations, hospitals, sports clubs, Exhibition

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Tel: +98 11 32366821